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captioned by the national captioning institute the line a d.c. streets for blocks and belong to one woman. >> i collect the things to make them. >> why this could cause problems. on the brink of a record. the summer is about to turn into a fall on fire. it is costing some one big
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bucks. an alert for homeowners. a local woman's alarm system goes off. why did the police refused to check it out? >> live and in hd. this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. we begin with a shocking story, a case in a northeast neighborhood, a woman's belongings sprawled four blocks of she is evicted from her apartment. it has led to serious issues. exclusive details from the woman and insights to how this came to be. >> you really have to take a look at all this stuff to understand how many personal belongings we are talking about. this extends for about four city blocks, both sides of the street, in all directions. all this came out of one woman's house. she was evicted today and did not have anywhere to turn.
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eloise diaz says she came from nothing, growing up in venezuela. when she moved to the u.s. she began saving everything she could. >> i work very hard to collect these things to send to my country. >> her intention was to help family members abroad. she recently lost her job as a housekeeper, fell behind on the rent, and got evicted. >> no job. no money. >> neighbors of the turn to concern when they saw how much stuff was inside her home. >> we have been calling the mayor's office. we have been calling the police. we have been calling politicians. >> it was to no avail. >> we went to a situation with the blizzard, no help in the neighborhood then. this simas -- seems like a blizzard with no snow. >> we reached out to councilmen jim gramm, who came over. >> if she can identify the things to -- the things which
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have value to her, we have a truck and a place to take it right now. we can store it on a temporary basis. >> it is a relief for eloise diaz and her neighbors. >> we are trying to build up this community. when you see something like this, it is unbelievable. >> and councilman grim arranged for to trucks to come out and take away her most valuable possessions. we have metropolitan police keeping an eye on things. they intend to be here throughout the night. first thing in the morning, and the possessions that are still on the sidewalk will be removed in dump trucks. that is the latest. >> thank you. to see more pictures from the situation in northwest, including about a gallery, log onto our online home, we are monitoring developing
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stories from southeast, where a man is dead after he was shot multiple times. this happened at the intersection of southern avenue and ninth street. police are searching for the gunman. travel troubles of their backs county as a man was killed after he crashed his couture. we were over the scene at the intersection in springfield. fairfax county police believe the driver of the scooter suffered a medical emergency before the crash. temperatures are on their way down, but 90 degree weather is on its way back as we get to the end of this summer that does not want to go away. it is your first look at september? >> arkansas refer to this as our miraculous summer. it refuses to die. we get a little hint of fall and you have the autumn equinoxes coming. that is the astronomical beginning of fall. we may be seeing more 90 degree days ahead. we are beginning to close in on
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the all-time record. 63 was back in 1980, when we had 6790 degree days. not only has it been hot for summer, but not too far to our west it remains exceptionally dry, with the drought continuing. that is for you folks in the shenandoah valley. those areas will see temperatures near 90 tomorrow and a slight chance of any shower. i will tell you more about that later. >> as that hot weather moves back in our direction, our region is moving closer to a significant record. the sea would set a record for the number of 90 degree days if we hit 95 more times this year. the conditions are causing a problem as parts of the regions suffer from a significant drop. we have more on all the problems associated with this weather. >> we have all had to put up
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with a tremendous winter followed by an impressive summer. for some, this wild weather was more than a nuisance. the last full day of summer ushered in the kind of weather we dreamed about while suffering through three seasons of extremes. >> it is a crazy year, from being snowed in blizzards, to being 100 degrees for too long. >> a drought is impacting some farmers west of washington. >> it rained a few weeks ago and it was the first rain we had all summer. >> at the farmers market, they say all you need for evidence is the john golden apples -- jongold apples that look more like golden delicious. >> this is the driest year my grandfather has ever seen. this winter, snowfall record reminded us that a good shovel and a four-wheel-drive to make all the difference. >> i know we are setting records that we had not even imagined. >> a spring and summer packed
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with heat and damaging thunderstorms melted our hopes of temperate weather. for some, looking back on the weather has been more nightmare than nostalgia. >> a lot of snow. a lot of heat. hopefully it will stay like this for a while and we will have a great fall. >> it has been the fourth hottest summer on record in the u.s.. the head of d.c.'s teachers' union is firing back as schools chancellor michelle rhee after her appearance on the oprah winfrey school. he says are comments on firing teachers -- she has more authority than most superintendents in urban school districts. during yesterday's program, she talked about her struggles to turn around the school system including problems she faced when trying to fire poorly performing teachers. the u.s. supreme court will not intervene in the scheduled
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execution of a virginia woman scheduled to die thursday night. she was convicted in a 2002 murder for hire scheme that left her husband and stepson dead. -- supreme court voted to > but did not to stop the execution. she will be the first woman to be executed in virginia in a century. in montgomery county woman tells a disturbing story about what happened after an alarm company mistake prevented police from responding. >> this happened while the woman was out on her honeymoon. how this turned into a big nightmare. >> i have no idea if anyone broke into my house three days ago. everything could be gone. >> that is kate branson, pleading with police to check on her home after her alarm system went away while she was on
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honeymoon. >> i am giving permission to go right now. can you go? >> not according to our policy. >> why? >> it comes down to this number. it is the registration number for kate's alarm. when it went off, at a dp security services called -- adp security services called 911 and give the wrong number. >> i am not showing a permit for this location. if there is not a permit, we do not dispatch. >> for kate, it was a big problem. >> i had a houseful of wedding presents. >> a contractor to install the alarm. adp clams inaccurate data was entered by a representative from protect your home, specifically the permit number was incorrect in the context list was incomplete.
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>> if the alarm company had provided the proper registration number, police could have responded. >> per county lot and do to 45,000 false alarm calls a year, if an invalid registration law is given, please can only check on the home if someone is there to meet them. it turned out to be a false alarm. >> it was a test and the failed. >> we called protect your home, whothat offer a full refund and said they are disappointed law- enforcement was unable to respond when the alarm sounded. we have never had a situation like this before in do not believe it will happen again. >> thanks a lot, chris. a hollywood heavyweight is in the district, leading the fight for a women's museum on the national mall. meryl streep attended a fund- raiser for the purchase of land to build the museum. the house passed legislation
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authorizing the museum last year. a vote is pending in the fall. hacker strike twitter. tonight, what the website is doing to ensure the safety. >> teacher bonuses if students do well -- who says the practice does not work? >> a homicide in broad daylight has neighbors asking questions.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. we are learning details about a murder mystery. >> outside of her greenbelt apartment in the 8500 block. more on what we have learned about the victim. >> caroline, the initial call to 911 was four shots fired in this greenbelt neighborhood. for hours, residents were not
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able to go inside their homes of police investigated what ended up being a mysterious homicide. those who find -- found the body described a horrifying scene. >> she was always smiling, always happy. >> at 2:30, a neighbor's maid a gruesome discovery. >> we had seen her hanging outside the building. it was sad to see. i could not look at it. >> a woman in her 40s was a salted and left to die in the stairwell of her apartment. >> it does not appear to be a robbery. we are still looking for the motive. >> a friend was to overcome with emotion to show her face. she said the victim appeared to have violent arguments in her apartment often. >> i heard them all the time. >> according to neighbors, she was in the process of moving to the eastern shore. >> she came back to get some more clothes.
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>> she has been spiritual when i did speak to her. her friend just got a condo and she was going to be moving soon. >> detectives searched her room for close -- for clues. >> she always helped out if you needed something and she had it. >> it is a real shame, a loss of like -- loss of life like that, especially in a hallway. it does not make sense. >> it appears this woman was well liked in this neighborhood, but neighbors say she was excited about moving. tonight, no arrests, no motive. police are not exactly saying how she died. john gonzalez, abc 7. performance bonuses from -- for teachers do not boost student test scores. a report by vanderbilt university's said students in classrooms where teachers got bonuses at faired no better than
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when there were no financial incentives. it looked at fifth through eighth grade teachers in nashville public schools. this comes as the obama administration is encouraging a lift integer bonuses -- in teacher bonuses. everything is back to normal after hackers hit twitter. they were able to cause pop-up windows to open. the virus may have exposed a massive security flaw. the social networking site does not think any user information was compromised. dozens of organizations were celebrated for their efforts in keeping kids off drugs. christopher kennedy received an award tonight. this organization is great. they work with kids with problems like underage drinking, marijuana use among children. a great crowd there. >> it was a great crowd. we are calling this dracula
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summer. you are going to be wearing garlic around your neck. is that what you are doing? >> by the time to get to november, we will see no more 90 degree days. >> what are we going to be seeing? outside tonight once again, a beautiful light. then rice got this great shot of the moon with jupiter. tomorrow night, the moon will be just above jupiter. it is the closest since the '50s or '60s, depending on the astronomer you talk to. even with opera glasses or small binoculars, you can see it. with temperatures being up to the 80's, our average high. our last 90 degree day last summer was august 22. let me take you around our weatherbug network.
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it was 68 degrees by this time of year then. i guess the good thing about this continuing dry pattern means after recess everybody is dry. porterage elementary schools, temperature 62 degrees. but at the high temperatures around the country. in memphis, 98 degrees. look at it. we are going to be seeing warm air come our way. look at the current temperatures in memphis. new orleans 82 degrees. this is almost like back to august. look at this humidity with the dew points in detroit, 63 degrees. there is still a severe thunderstorm watch out until 2:00 in the morning around michigan. that is a weather front that will be dying out as it comes our way. folks around the blue ridge, tomorrow afternoon there could be some afternoon showers or an afternoon thundershower. in the meantime, tomorrow
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morning it will be a cool, comfortable morning. as winds turned to the south and southwest, a bit of that humidity and heat begins to come back. near 90? we will be close. 88 or 89 degrees. a slight chance for an afternoon thundershower, primarily in the mountains of west virginia. when we are in a dry pattern, the dry pattern continues. when in a drought, predict a drought. that is an all forecasters saying. not as hot as we get into the weekend, but before then we could see three more 90 degree days. >> that would hit the record. donovan mcnabb reaches a record at fedex field. >> if nothing to do with football.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have
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the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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washington redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb set a record on the football field. he led 600 schoolchildren in a workout session at fedex field. it is the record for the largest virtual exercise lesson. it is to expand efforts to fight high school -- childhood obesity. the sea has one of the highest child could obesity rates in the nation -- dc has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the nation, by the way. there was a running game and there were plenty of fireworks at the national park tonight. but was it enough against the astros?
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did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving forward. >> the redskins cut running back larry johnson after the veteran gained only 2 yards in the first two games. he was replaced with chad simpson from morgan state. johnson ran backwards. he ran right off the roster. the redskins are dead last in the nfl in rushing. they are averaging over 54 yards a game, which is 10 yards less
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than anyone else in the leak. they are still confident. >> it is something we are going to keep working on. it does not happen overnight, but i like the direction we are heading. we had great effort during the game. running game was not there, but it did not have to be. you can find a way to win the football game. >> in philadelphia, the head coach has picked michael dicvic as eagles' starting quarterback. he is now the phillies starting qb. the playoffs may be the last nfl football you see for a while. morris smith, director of the players association, spoke at georgetown university tonight. he has sat on a scale of 1210 the chances of a lockout at 14. >> until we get a deal done, i
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believe we have to prepare our players the best we can. our players have to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. >> a hockey season is back. they have signed tom purdy and play their first preseason game at columbus. the capitals had the best regular-season in hockey last year. there were embarrassed in the playoffs, though. >> we have to play our game. there is stuff we need to adjust for the team. it is very minor, but it is part of our defensive game as far as more of a defense. we make these changes and are a better team at the end of it. the nationals were in action against the astros, trying to stop a two game losing streak. the game was tied at 3. adam kennedy hit a blooper down the line. gives a lead as o
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they beat the astros a 8-4. notre dame and navy have met on the put bill -- on the football field every year. today, there will play in dublin. get your tickets now. >> it probably already tried. >> are you kidding me? i am taking you with me. [laughter] this kenmore elite multi-motion washer...
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how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get 15% off all appliances and an extra 10% with your sears card. plus, save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade-in program. sears. another one coming up, but no rain. look at the doppler. >> d.c. the cobwebs? >> there is no rain, nor has there been. maybe a few showers tomorrow afternoon. our temperatures will rise to near 90. we are close to the record.
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>> we might as well go for it. we are close to the record. >> we might as well go for it. from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it.
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